BVI Finance has announced that the Fusang Exchange has been added to the list of recognised exchanges by the British Virgin Islands Financial Service Commission (BVI FSC).

This means that “BVI registered companies can now benefit from tokenising the shares in their companies” and listing said shares digitally on the fully-regulated Fusang Exchange.

Fusang is Asia’s only fully regulated end-to-end digital securities exchange. Elise Donovan, CEO of BVI Finance said that “thousands of BVI registered companies with an Asian heritage will benefit from this opportunity, as it provides for a digital alternative for their capital expansion plans.”

Addtionally, BVI Finance makes note of the recently-announced initial public offering (IPO) on the Fusang main board and says that Fusang expects that “the admission to the recognised list of exchanges in the BVI will be a game changer for BVI registered companies in Asia, especially as the acceptability of digital asset classes is seeing unprecedented growth in the region.”

The CEO of Fusang, Henry Chong, referred to the FSC as “a forward thinking and facilitative Regulator, that has always been open to innovation, evidenced by its continuous ability to pivot to meet the needs of the marketplace in light with global digital advancements.”

“Fusang’s aim of democratising investments by tokenizing a wide range of asset classes depends on facilitative Regulators like the BVI FSC, who are willing to embrace digital transformation. Fusang intends to work closely with BVI related intermediaries and advisers towards offering benefits of digitalisation to all BVI registered companies,” Chong said.

BVI Finance also notes that “The BVI is the world’s largest offshore jurisdiction, with close to 400,000 companies registered in the domicile,” and that the “FSC recently announced its intention to introduce legislation surrounding digital asset providers, which aims to provide a facilitative framework for the digitalisation of businesses registered in the BVI.”

The Fusang exchange joins a list of 31 other exchanges including: the London Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.