In Keeping to his word to help residents in education, youth activities and to find jobs in District Three, the former Speaker of the House of Assembly, Mr. Julian Willock, has teamed up again with marine giant Nanny Cay Resort and Marina.

This time, Mr. Willock was able to request Nanny Cay Resort and Marina to make a donation to St. George’s Secondary School. The donation of two picnic benches for students to have suitable amenities for eating, socialising, or outdoor classes was made on Thursday, 8 February 2024 to the school’s secondary division campus located at Palestina Estate.

Speaking at the short handover ceremony, Mr. Willock recalled that when he was invited last year by English Literature Teacher Mrs. Shari-Ann E. Audain to read to students as part of Reading is Fun Week, it was brought to his attention the “many needs of the School.” Mr. Willock said he subsequently reached out to his friend and General Manager of Nanny Cay, Mr. Miles Sutherland-Pilch, who immediately said he would start with the “two picnic tables.”

In his presentation, Mr. Sutherland-Pilch said how happy he was to make the donations and that Nanny Cay Resort and Marina remains “committed to education, the youth, and the marine sector, especially in District Three.”

In accepting the donation, Principal of St. George’s, School Dr. Cherilyn G. Anderson-Rogers, noted how happy she was to receive the benches from Nanny Cay but advised both Messrs Willock and Sutherland-Pilch that she still has “a list of other needs.” Mr. Willock eagerly responded that he would work with both her and Sutherland-Pilch to ensure that “St. George’s is kept on top of the list.”

Also present for the handover of the picnic tables was Vice Principal, Mrs. Odalys Gonzalez.

It was last year that Mr. Willock, along with Ms. Kishma P. Forbes of the Virgin Islands School and Office Supplies, teamed up with Nanny Cay for a successful job fair for residents of District Three. The job fair is now an annual event.

The collaboration also resulted in an annual back-to-school giveaway for needy children in the District.

Mr Willock noted that the construction of a building to house District Three’s Food Pantry is to start shortly as another initiative to provide tangible support to the District.

Partnering with Scrub Island Resort last year, both Mr. Willock and Ms. Forbes made substantial donations to the Ebenezer Thomas Primary School, located in Sea Cows Bay- District Three, along with paving a house ramp in the Road Town area for a recent amputee to give the recipient easy access and independence.