His Majesty’s Prison recently received a donation of chess supplies and various other resources from the UniteBVI Foundation. The initiative aims to engage inmates in the game of chess, utilizing it as a tool to impart valuable skills such as patience and perseverance during their sentences.

The donation included not only chess pieces but also basketballs, footballs, art supplies, dominoes, and puzzles.

UniteBVI Foundation has collaborated with the BVI Chess Foundation to ensure training for prison inmates.

Expressing gratitude for the support, Minister for Health and Social Development, Honourable Vincent O. Wheatley, acknowledged the efforts of UniteBVI and Superintendent of Prison Mr. Jay Kendall, along with the rehabilitation staff. Honourable Wheatley emphasized the importance of strategic partnerships, stating, “We cannot do it all ourselves, so I am thankful for strategic partners in making these things possible.”

Superintendent Jay Kendall thanked Honourable Wheatley and UniteBVI Foundation for their continued dedication to enhancing rehabilitation initiatives at Balsam Ghut.

He underscored the significance of the collaboration, stating, “This holds significant importance for everyone, particularly the inmates at HM Prison Balsam Ghut.”

In acknowledging the global tendency to overlook incarcerated individuals and the lack of spotlight on rehabilitative efforts, At Large Representative Honourable Stacy Mather highlighted the crucial role of UniteBVI, Honourable Wheatley, and prison staff in developing a community partnership to ensure inmates are not forgotten.

Kim Takeuchi, the Foundation Manager at UniteBVI, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “This is a great example of where collaboration came together to transform something bigger than just us. So, we are really excited to be working with the prison and the rehabilitation team, and hopefully, there’s more to come.”