A new committee is at the helm as the highly anticipated Virgin Gorda Easter Festival draws near.

This year’s theme, “Endless years of awesomeness with New beginnings, Tradition, and culture must go on,” sets the tone for the upcoming festivities.

The main committee consists of Chairperson Stephanie Faulkner, Co-Chairperson Camile George, Treasurer Mignon Williams, Secretary Cathy-Ann Bascombe, and Public Relations Officer Reshawn Stevens.

Other Committee members include leads for various aspects of the event, such as Dawn Flax and Corinne George for Pageants, Shanique Creque for the Food Fair, Deiah Shepard for Fundraising, Steve George, Sapphire Flax-Clarke, Joel Levons, Kiara Thomas, Kavari Baily, Jhanai Brown, Hakim Creque.

Incoming Committee Chairperson, Ms. Stephanie Faulkner, expressed the committee’s dedication to preserving the Virgin Gorda Easter Festival’s legacy, stating, “The Virgin Gorda Easter Festival is a staple for bringing people from all walks of life to the beautiful shores of Virgin Gorda for many years. As a community, we decided that we will not allow our tradition to die, and we have amassed our team of community-minded people to keep tradition alive by giving their time to planning and executing Easter Festival. We endeavour to provide the service that persons appreciate and entertainment that will keep them dancing, laughing, and having fun. To this end, we are committed to keeping tradition alive.”