The Rotaract Club of Tortola plans to host 150 young professionals in the Virgin Islands for its BVI Homecoming conference in June 2024.

The Rotaract District 7020 conference dubbed BVI Homecoming is held annually in the country where the current leader of the Rotaract District is. It will take place from June 5th to 9th at Scrub Islands Resort in the British Virgin Islands.

Selvyn Dawson is the fourth person from the Virgin Islands to be the District Rotaract Representative (DRR) in the district’s history. The previous Virgin Islands DRRs were Edson Boya from the Rotaract Club of Tortola in 2005-2006, Jevuaghn Rhymer from the Rotaract Club of Tortola in 2017-2018, and Trevor Bridgewater from the Rotaract Club of Virgin Gorda in 2020-2021.

DRR Selvyn expressed excitement about hosting the conference, noting that BVI clubs had faced challenges with two previous opportunities to host conference due to the impact of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, as well as the COVID pandemic.

“The conference committee wants to improve the conference experience for attendees and showcase the potential of the Virgin Islands as a top conference spot. We see numerous opportunities for the event to significantly contribute to the local economy and effectively promote the destination through strategic marketing endeavours. Notably, a diverse array of attendees hailing from the UK, US, as well as 15 Caribbean countries have eagerly registered to partake in this promising event,” DRR Selvyn said.

The conference will feature a range of activities, including Rotary-based training sessions aimed at enhancing personal and professional development. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in community service initiatives and engage in formal ceremonies. Additionally, there will be stimulating VI excursions, as well as various social and fellowship activities planned to encourage networking and camaraderie among participants.

Moreover, DRR Selvyn said, “There is still an opportunity for local businesses to partner with us and play a crucial role in ensuring that our attendees receive an authentic BVI experience. We wholeheartedly welcome and greatly appreciate the support of the local community, and we encourage all interested contributors to reach out and connect with us. This partnership not only benefits our event but also creates a positive ripple effect in the local business ecosystem.”

DRR Selvyn said, “June 2024 is a very significant time to host conference. It marks the end of my time in office and aligns with the 40th anniversary of the Rotaract Club of Tortola.” DRR Selvyn stated that celebrating this milestone and reflecting on the club’s impact on the Virgin Islands community will be a key part of the event.

“Rotaract’s four decades left distinct marks on the Territory. The club has partnered with or produced the Kids and the Sea (KATS), youth career exposition, chartered the Rotaract Club of Virgin Gorda, hosted the 2018 Rotaract District conference in Miami, erected the first solar tree in the region and other partnership with the BVI Rotary family.

The Rotaract Club of Tortola was charted in 1984 with President Archibald Christian. The Rotaract Club of Tortola is a youth-based community service organisation sponsored by the Rotary Club of Tortola. Worldwide Rotaract Clubs are considered partners of Rotary International.

About Rotaract District 7020: Rotaract District 7020 was formed in 1998 and is one of 529 districts worldwide. It includes 10 countries where three languages are spoken, with over 40 clubs and 800 plus Rotaractors. These countries are Anguilla, Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica, St. Maarten, St. Martin, Turks and Caicos, and US Virgin Islands. The last time a Rotaract District conference was held in the BVI was in 2006 at the Prospect Reef Resort. In 2018 and 2021 the BVI lead conferences were held in Miami and virtually, respectively.