The Department of Disaster Management is urging residents of the Virgin Islands to exercise caution as another band of heavy showers moves into the area. 

“Some of these showers have the potential of creating heavy downpours,” warned the department in a statement issued early this morning. “With the grounds already saturated, the possibility of flooding in areas with poor drainage is likely.”

Residents are advised to avoid unnecessary travel if the showers become intense. “If showers become intense, refrain from using roads and stay away from areas that have the potential for excess runoff,” the department cautioned.   

Even in lighter rains, motorists should use extra precautions when driving due to the increased risk of hydroplaning on flooded roadways. 

Residents should monitor the latest forecasts and statements from local emergency officials. Those living in flood-prone areas should be prepared to quickly move to higher ground if flooding develops.

This latest round of potentially severe weather is another reminder of the need for residents to have an emergency plan in place.