The Department of Immigration has been honoured with the prestigious title of ‘Most Improved Department’ according to the latest edition of the Public Service Customer Service Newsletter. This recognition is based on statistics from the RATEUS platform, a comprehensive tool for evaluating government service delivery.

The Department of Immigration’s remarkable progress in enhancing efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction has been commended by Acting Chief Immigration Officer Mrs. Nadia Demming-Hodge. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and commitment of our staff in serving our community with excellence,” she stated.

Key factors that contributed to the Department of Immigration’s achievement include enhanced service delivery through streamlined immigration processes and reduced wait times, increased transparency and accountability in operations, improved customer satisfaction through better communication and accessibility, and investment in staff training and development initiatives.

Director of Customer Service, Kedimone Rubaine, praised the Department’s commitment to improving customer service delivery, aligning with the Government’s strategic customer service plan. “I encourage the public to continue rating the services received to keep these hard-working officers accountable while celebrating their improvement,” Rubaine said.

Public Service Transformation Manager Kishann Cupid Braithwaite also commended the Department’s progress, stating, “This improvement shown by the Department of Immigration is transformation in action, reflecting one of the key priorities of Public Service Transformation – enhancing the Public Service through customer service.”