H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC) celebrated the crowning of its new ambassadors in a dazzling pageant held on Sunday, June 23. Jhadazia Lennard and Malacoy Levons emerged victorious as Miss and Mr. HLSCC, respectively, in an event themed “Cultivating Excellence.”

Lennard dominated the competition, securing awards for Miss Popularity, Intellect, Best Business Wear, and Best Ambassadorial Presentation.

Her fellow contestants also shone, with Alyssa Hawley winning Best Evening Wear and Best Talent, while Tanya Warner was named Miss Photogenic.

In the men’s category, Levons swept multiple titles, including Mr. Photogenic, Best Business Wear, Best Evening Wear, Best Ambassadorial Presentation, Intellect, and Mr. Popularity.

Shamoy Davis impressed the audience and judges with his performance, earning the Best Talent award.

The pageant showcased the diverse talents and poise of all contestants, embodying the spirit of excellence cultivated at HLSCC. As the newly crowned ambassadors, Lennard and Levons will represent the college in various capacities throughout the coming year.