Since the onset of the pandemic, businesses and promoters have struggled to diversify and maneuver through the changing times. Specific locations such as: The BVI Festival Grounds, Cane Garden Bay, Tortola Pier Park, Multi-Purpose Sports Complex and local beaches like Long Bay Beach have always been top choices for hosting events.

As the territory has reopened and businesses and promoters seek to live with Covid, the territory has seen an influx of new and creative venue options that allow for social distancing and observance of Covid protocols.

Here is a look at a few new, yet creative venue options for events.

Soca on the Bay

Over the weekend, the privately owned Skelton Baylot, Fish Bay was the venue for the Soca on the Bay show. This new location was a huge success as there was safe and adequate parking accompanied by parking attendants, suitable space for social distancing and implementation of Covid protocols, clear and organized entry and exit points, adequate security and clear separation for regular and VIP ticket holders.  

While events such as Soca on the Bay have never been held at Skelton Baylot before, it truly opens the possibilities the BVI has to offer regarding utilizing unpopular and underutilized locations for small, medium and large events.

Our newsroom spoke to some patrons at the event and got their feedback on the choice in location. One resident said, “I think the location was a huge success, I was happy I could drive right in and not have to walk far to the venue.”

A visitor from the USVI said, “This was a genius location. It’s out of the way but not too far. Very accessible but you feel like you are somewhere else.” 

Our newsroom reached out to Kennie Thompson of KT Productions who said, “Since we are in the Covid era, we were looking for a venue that would offer comfort, space and a great out door ambience. Skelton Baylot, has all that plus more with the Ocean as a backdrop, a relaxing atmosphere and it was something outside the norm, hence the name, Soca on the Bay.”

Thompson continued by saying, “The spot actually popped out, while sitting there having lunch. I immediately knew it was the perfect location for a KT event. I reached out to the Skeltons, who immediately saw the vision and the rest was history.”

Thompson also mentioned that his promotion company plans on hosting more events of different genres at the Baylot.

Patrons were seen wearing their mask throughout the event, as well as making a conscious effort to social distance.

Christmas in the City

Over the years Christmas in the City has been the home of a number of different locations. This impart to varying issues. This year the association of Small Businesses found a new location that was welcomed and enjoyed by patrons.

The annual Christmas in the City event (formally Christmas on DeCastro Street) is the single event that consistently signals the beginning of the Christmas season in the BVI and sets the tone in the capital Road Town. This year was no different, the thrilling weekend filled with vendors from across the territory gathered to lure shoppers with goods.

Last year, the event was held in the parking lot of the Ralph T. O’Neal Administration Complex, but construction at the site forced organizers to search for a new location this year.

Organizer Ms. Janis Braithwaite-Edwards said, “The Central Administration Complex parking lot was a good move, but that area isn’t paved and there were a lot of windstorms and dust, that was hard for people dealing with food.”

Some 40 plus vendors set up in the new location, selling products as well as a variety of Christmas presents. Attendees strolled by the booths, indulging in local food, and stopped by to enjoy the music in a safe and comfortable environment. Children got the opportunity to roam and run freely.

“When we look for a location, one thing we keep in mind is safety,” Ms. Braithwaite-Edwards added. “A lot of people allow their young people to come to Christmas in the City because they know that it’s in a secure area.” Edwards said, “Next year, the event will be held on the same street.”


In January of 2022 Sativa Events will be hosting yet another highly anticipated day party. The first was held at Wyndham Tortola BVI Lambert Beach Resort. However, the next event scheduled for January 3rd, 2022 will be held at the Queen Elizabeth II Park.

The day party promises a “Lavish” experience with special guest Shaneil Muir from 12-6pm under the theme, “Be bold, be different, be lavish.”

Our newsroom caught up with Sativa Events who said, “Sativa Events saw beyond the open space. We believe that the Queen Elizabeth II Park as a public venue has the potential to be transformed where mature persons can attend and have an enjoyable time. We look forward to engaging patrons in a LAVISH way in the beautiful British Virgin Islands.”

As the territory of the Virgin Islands continues to maneuver through Covid 19, while engaging various audiences through entertainment, it is left to see if other promoters and businesses will creatively utilize the many underutilized venues in the BVI.