In a significant achievement for both personal and cultural representation, Virgin Islands native Kyra James Douglas has published an article in Teen Vogue, coinciding with the celebration of Virgin Islands Day 2024. The piece, focusing on Gucci mariner jewellery and its importance as a Virgin Islands heirloom, is part of a special package honouring Caribbean Heritage Month.

James expressed her excitement on social media, stating, “Virgin Islands Day 2024 has been such a treat and the cherry on top was the release of my article for Teen Vogue!” She emphasized the often-overlooked nature of Virgin Islands culture in broader Caribbean discussions, noting, “The VI is often left out of conversations about Caribbean heritage and culture. This year I wanted to do something about it!”

The article is a departure from James’ usual pursuits. “As a social girl, venturing into editorial was a little daunting, but I’m really glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone,” she shared, highlighting the personal growth involved in this project.

Teen Vogue’s introduction to the article underscores its significance: “This feature on Gucci mariner jewellery and its cultural weight as a Virgin Islands heirloom, by Kyra James, belongs to a package celebrating Caribbean Heritage Month.” The magazine extended its Caribbean heritage coverage into July to recognize Virgin Islands Day.

James’ work contributes to a broader narrative that Teen Vogue aims to present, emphasizing that “The Caribbean is not just a tourist destination — it is a region, a people, and an identity rich in history and spirit.” This perspective aligns with James’ goal of bringing more attention to Virgin Islands culture within the Caribbean context.