A decision to host the 70th Emancipation celebrations at the new location behind the R. T. O’Neal Admin Complex has been recalled. This was confirmed by an official at the BVI Tourist Board. An official announcement from the agency is expected to be released today. The decision was said to have been made late last evening after a number of safety concerns arose. The official stated that the location is still a viable option however more time is needed to develop the site and hence the decision has been recalled.

Our newsroom also reached out to the Director of the Town and Country Planning Unit Mr. Greg Adams who confirmed that in a detailed letter, he has advised against the new location stating a number of safety concerns.

In an invited comment Adams said, “In a detailed letter I have advised the BVI Tourist Board against the new location at this time until a more detailed and well thought out plan is established. The decision to advise against the new location at this time was based on a number of safety concerns pertaining to the booths and the high wind experienced in that area, among others.”

One resident took to social media to state his take on the recalling of the festival site. Social Media Commentator Njar stated, “S/O town and country planning for standing their ground and making the right call forcing him to reverse his decision. Grounds aren’t safe, access denied. Access NOT GRANTED! It is not happening under our watch. No. Nope. Bye ✌️! Back To The Old Grounds! “Big Boy Move!”

It was just recently announced by the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board & Film Commission that the festival village for the 70th Virgin Islands Emancipation Festival (Rena’s Festiville) would be relocated to the lot behind the Ralph T. O’Neal Central Administration Complex. The agency stated “The relocation to this new site, which was the venue for the recently concluded Virgin Islands Music Festival, marks a departure from the festival grounds located across from the AO Shirley Recreation Grounds.”

A list of reasons was presented as to what this new location would have offered.

New Site

Rena’s Festiville’s grand opening will be on Monday, 29th July. Attendees can look forward to a vibrant and festive atmosphere, with a variety of cultural events, performances, food stalls, and more.

The BVITBFC in collaboration with subcommittees for the various festival activities are the coordinators of this year’s event.