The Coral World Ocean Park and Reef Initiative (CWORI) team has shared the unfortunate news that a humane decision was made to euthanize Puzzle, a green sea turtle who was transferred into their care after being rescued in the British Virgin Islands by the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK) and Cainines, Cats & Critters – BVI. 

For over a week, veterinary experts at Coral World ran extensive diagnostic tests and analyses on Puzzle, who had been rescued with severe injuries. Ultimately, the results indicated she had sustained both external and internal trauma too catastrophic to overcome.

“The battery of diagnostic tests performed on Puzzle indicated that she was gravely injured. Despite the heroic efforts of everyone involved, the most humane choice was euthanasia,” stated Dr. Heidi Stout, Veterinarian at CWORI. A post-mortem examination confirmed the extent of Puzzle’s devastating injuries. 

While her passing represents a tragic loss to the green sea turtle breeding population, CWORI hopes Puzzle’s legacy will be strengthened international partnerships to assist future injured sea turtles.

“We knew Puzzle’s case would be a challenge from the start, but that doesn’t make her loss any easier,” said Dr. Sam Eliades, CWORI’s Director of Research and Conservation. “We’re very proud of our animal husbandry and veterinary teams for their dedication to Puzzle. CWORI staff worked tirelessly to care for her and pursued every avenue possible.”

“We hope this tragic incident will serve as an important reminder for everyone to be more aware of the wildlife around us”, Eliades added.

CWORI expressed gratitude to  Canines, Cats & Critters – BVI and the Association of Reef Keepers for their incredible support efforts to assist Puzzle. The ocean park also thanked the many agencies that aided in Puzzle’s international transfer from the British to the U.S. Virgin Islands to receive emergency care.

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