The Magistrate’s Court is asking for all parties involved in court proceedings, who has travelled, after receiving government clearance after their four-day quarantine period, to adhere to an additional ten-day period before appearing physically at the Magistrate’s Court. This protocol is effective January 25th.

This precaution will serve as an additional layer of protection against the COVID-19 virus. The decision was confirmed by Magistrate Court Manager, Mrs. Annette Williams- Sylvester in a Government issued press release.

Mrs. Williams-Sylvester explained the reason for implementing the newly imposed health protocol.

She said “As the number of judicial officers and court staff are finite, we cannot risk our operations coming to a bait as a result of exposure to COVID-19 due to the inherent risks of a shortened quarantine period. Our premises are also small and the number of persons requiring access to justice daily continues to grow. Time and crowd management remain a constant struggle despite our best efforts.”

She continued “The incubation period for the virus is known to be fourteen days and in exceptional cases can be as long as twenty-one days. While the four-day multiple test regime does provide a layer of protection, a fourteen-day period of quarantine is preferable to ensure the safety and protection of court officers.

Since, December 1, 2020, the borders to the Territory have been open to visitors and as evidenced by published statistics, a number of cases have been and continue to be imported in the Territory. The court recognises the level of risk that this poses and as we endeavour to continue providing service, we must make modifications to safeguard the health of all.”

All persons, to which this notice applies or are a close contact of someone who falls within same, are asked to contact with the Court Office at telephone number 468-4360, or 468-4283 to make arrangements for your matter to be heard electronically, or adjourned to a later date.