Charter companies and hoteliers are reportedly recording increased traffic in tourists during what is usually known to be as a slow period in the year.

This is according to Premier Andrew Fahie who made the statement during a live broadcast on the morning of Tuesday June 15.

The premier was updating the territory on some of the latest developments involving the territory’s tourism industry.

He said, “From as early as last month May 2021, charter boat companies and other stakeholders were reporting that bookings are on the rise and that some operators are already booked solid for several months ahead. Companies in the charter boat industry have reported that this month, which traditionally is not a busy month, is the busiest they have had since the reopening.”

He added, “Some properties and charter companies are contemplating remaining open when they would normally close due to slow business because of the increased demand. The ferry companies are appealing for us to increase the maximum number of passengers that could sail into the BVI through the USVI. This is something we continue to work on with our USVI counterparts because the decision has to work for both the BVI and the USVI.”

Much more positive news expected

Fahie, who is also the Minister of Tourism revealed that at least one hotel in the BVI reported an occupancy rate of 60 percent in April.

He said he expects much more positive news as his government continues to listen to the relevant stakeholders to make the necessary adjustments.

“In this process of continuous development and continuous improvement, we have listened to the feedback of the public and our visitors as gaps and areas for improvement were detected, we listened and took the necessary action,” the premier stated.

“As persons made suggestions for how we could improve the convenience and the ease of doing business, we took this into consideration along with the many other factors that we had to watch when making decisions,” he further said.

Despite the many initial criticisms during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in the territory, Premier Fahie believes the territory’s present COVID-19 status along with the increased traffic of persons into the BVI, is evidence his government made the right decisions.