A total of some 887 persons received vaccinations over the weekend at Operation Protect Each Other Drive-Thru Vaccination that took place on Saturday July 17th and Sunday July 18th, 2021 at the Festival Grounds.

On Saturday some 432 residents got vaccinated on the first day of the Operation. Approximately 357 persons received their first dose, while 75 persons received their second dose, all of the AstraZeneca Vaccine to boosts immunity to combat the COVID-19 virus.        

On Sunday July 18th, 396 first doses were administered and 59 second doses for a total of 455 vaccines.

Total vaccines administered for both dates is 887. The Operation Protect Each Other Drive-Thru Vaccination will continue this week based on its recent success and heads to Virgin Gorda this weekend.

The drive-through will allow vehicles to enter the eastern gate of the Festival Grounds and be able to register, get inoculated, receive their cards and drive off in the convenience of their cars.

This comes as the British Virgin Islands continues to report COVID related Deaths and hospitalizations.

Minister for Health and Social Development Honourable Carvin Malone stated that the initiative will give persons and the Territory a working chance in combatting the virus.

Honourable Malone also thanked His Excellency the Governor John Rankin CMG and the support of the United Kingdom in providing the AstraZeneca vaccines on island; and announced that another shipment of vaccines and rapid test kits will be arriving into the Territory within the week.

Persons aged 18 and older are encouraged to pre-fill registration forms available online at ministryofhealth.gov.vg/vaccines, or register on site, walk with a government issued identification, wear their face masks and wear short sleeved tops for easy access to getting their vaccine shot.

The COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine provides additional protection by boosting immunity by creating antibodies, preventing and reducing the risk of severe illness, reducing the risk of death from COVID-19, reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 and ultimately allowing the community to reconnect. COVID-19 vaccines paired with all health measures such as hand washing and sanitising, proper face mask wearing and physical distancing can provide optimal protection as countries around the world are still adjusting to living in the COVID-19 era.