In a recent Facebook post, Junior Minister for Trade and Economic Development and Territorial At-Large Representative Hon. Shereen Flax-Charles issued a statement to the general public. She specifically took the time to encourage eligible candidates to apply to her minister for the post of Political Advisor.

She stated, “In the interest of transparency and progress, I am sharing with you the profile for Ministerial Political Advisor.

As a Junior Minister, I rely on very limited staffing and funding to execute projects. So I am eager to take advantage of any opportunity to serve, doing so openly and justly. My intention is to purpose this role to go beyond advising. The successful candidate must create solutions for the business sector; developing and executing initiatives, liaising with stakeholders and fostering symmetrical dialogue with communities.

Attached is a link which contains the profile I received for the advisory role: https://docdro.id/CEMPFnt

If you meet the listed qualifications and are a BVIslander/belonger with vested interest in building our future this opportunity is for you!

Please send applications to SFlax-Charles@gov.vg

Applications should be submitted no later than August 31st and should include a cover letter, curriculum vitae, proof of belongership and a police record. In the case of companies, this should reflect the individual which will spearhead the engagement. Interviews will commence on September 7th.

Please note that firms and individuals are able to cooperate on this project if they jointly present a viable proposal.”

To date Hon. Flax-Charles is the only minister receiving a political advisor to publicly announce the vacancy and encourage eligible persons to apply.

The move by the Fahie Administration to appoint some nine political advisors was meet with much concern from opposition members and the general public.

The decision listed in the cabinet decisions dated July 5th and 8th, stated that the Cabinet of the Virgin Islands has considered and approved along with waving the tender process for Government Ministers including junior ministers a political advisor at a cap of ($120,000.00) per annum.

The Premier of the Virgin Islands Hon Andrew A. Fahie will have up to three (3) political advisors, while all additional four cabinet members and two junior ministers will each have one political advisor of their choice. 

This comes to a total of $1,080,000 per annum for Government Political advisors.