The family of Miya Marcano will be assessing all available legal remedies against the Arden Villas Apartment complex which they believe are liable in the recent death of the former BVI Prince and Princess contestant.

This was announced during a press conference which was held by the family on Sunday October 3 in Orlando, by their legal representative, national civil rights attorney, Daryl Washington.

At the time Washington said that a lawsuit was not filed as yet, but revealed that there were plans to look at all the available avenues on the table.

He said there were several negligent acts by the apartment complex which were observed, including negligent entrustment and negligent hiring.

“There’s not been a lawsuit that has been filed at the current moment. But I will tell you that the family is currently looking at every legal remedy that is available to them. We do believe that there was negligence that took place. There was negligent entrustment, there was negligent hiring. So, there is some liability on the part of this apartment complex. And again, we feel that had this apartment complex taken the proper steps, this person should have not even been employed at that apartment complex,” the attorney stated.

Apartment complex have not reached out to the family

Washington also revealed that at no time was there any correspondence between the officials of the complex and the family of Miya.

He said the complex officials have refused to communicate and respond to any of the queries of the family.

“It’s been very disappointing because Miya was not only a tenant at this apartment complex, but she was an employee. This apartment complex has not reached out to the family to offer their condolences. This apartment complex has not talked to the family and in fact, this apartment complex has been extremely difficult with the family getting answers. So it’s been really disappointing the way this apartment complex has handled this,” he added.

Miya’s death could have been prevented

Washington also said that he believes the death of Miya could have been prevented, had the apartment complex done the necessary checks.

He revealed as a result of Miya’s death, other young women in the complex and neighbouring areas have stated they now are in fear of their own safety.

He said, “As we discuss, that is something that is very difficult but what makes death even more difficult is when its death that could have been prevented and, in this situation, this was a preventable death and this is what makes it very difficult for the family. We had the opportunity to talk to young girls who are college, students, young girls who are tenants at the Arden and Villas apartment, and people are living in fear because what happened to Miya could have easily happened to one of them and it’s very awful that we have a complex that did not take the proper precautions to ensure that this young lady was safe.”

He added, “When her parents allowed her to stay in that apartment complex, she was staying there because we thought this was one of the best, the family thought that this was a complex that you can live in and feel protected. And now, we’re learning so many different things, we’re learning that there weren’t any security cameras and at a number of places at this complex. So again, there is a lot of frustration, but there is just simply no way that this young man should have had access.”

Miya’s cousin Caili Sue said she along with the family plans to make the environment where her cousin lived safe for everyone, following the outcry from other tenants who shared daunting experiences with other maintenance staff.

Miya, who was a Valencia College student, had been missing since September 24, after she was last seen at the complex where she lived and worked.

The building’s maintenance worker, Armando Caballero was named the prime suspect. He was later found dead in what appeared to be a suicide.