On Thursday 7 October, Mr. Glenroy Forbes was welcomed to the Social Security Board as the newly appointed Chairman.

In his premiere address to the Board, Mr. Forbes shared his goals for growth and unity. Forbes said: “My only desire is that the Social Security Board grows from strength to strength […] I know there are lots of decisions to be made, but I’m saying together we can do it.”

The newly appointed Chairman shared notes of his professional experience, highlighting that though he has marshalled the skills of several people, it is through teamwork that great things are accomplished. Referencing Board and staff participation, Forbes expressed: “If I can bring you together and have each and every person contributing at his or her max, we can move mountains.”

Forbes cited that Social Security is a safety net for all contributors: those who have labored in this country. He emphasized that it is the Board’s responsibility to be a custodian of the funds collected and that success is their mandate. 

Minister for Natural Resources, Labor, and Immigration with responsibility to Social Security, Hon. Vincent Wheatley commended Forbes for his legal expertise and work in the financial industry. Hon. Wheatley stated: “I have absolutely no doubt that Mr. Forbes would bring his talents and incite his leadership to this most important institution”.

Hon. Wheatley concluded his remarks by thanking the sitting board members for their hard work. He said: “You’re serving an important institution during a very difficult time. The whole world is in crisis […] and you are charged with making sure this very important institution […] remains a success story. I wish you well going forward, and I have confidence in all of you.” 

Mr. Glenroy Forbes will serve as Chairman of the Board for a period of three years.

The BVI Social Security Board has served the people of the BVI for over 40 years. The organization provides ‘social security’: a compulsory insurance plan to which employers, employees, self-employed and voluntary contributors contribute. The Social Security Board protects its contributors by providing a partial income replacement during periods of specified contingency.