In a recent interview with 284 Media Chief Executive Officer of the Tortola Pier Park Mr. Vance Lewis and Marketing and Business Development Management Zoe Wallcot spoke about recent happenings at the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park.

Apart from the agencies three (3) days of Christmas events which seek to ring in the Christmas Season with exciting family friendly events and promotions. The Tortola Pier Park team was pleased to announce the addition of 60 more parking spaces to the premises.

Parking at the facility has long been an issue for patrons, however CEO Lewis and his team are working feverishly to bring some relief to the issue.

Vance Lewis said, “Because Christmas is coming up, we are actually stepping things up a notch. We are in the process of ensuring that we have enhanced parking. Enhanced parking means we have additional parking opportunities. One of the perennial complaints that we have had in the pier park is that parking is limited. So, right at the entrance, there is a spot being cleared, rolled and paved and it’s going to be marked to provide some 60 additional parking spots,”

Lewis continued, “Then we will actually open the gate to allow people to come straight into the pier park. So, you are going to be literally one step from the pier park. That’s in addition to the parking that we have within the facilities at the moment,” the CEO added.

In addition to the much needed parking spaces, the Cyril B Romney Tortola Pier Park management has sought to heighten the security for locals and visitors alike. Lewis noted that this time of year is extremely busy and they are ensuring locals, visitors and businesses are safe while shopping and enjoying the facility.

When asked if the heightened security is only for the Christmas Season, Lewis said, “they have hopes of continuing the increased security as more developments and changes are expected.”

The shopping and entrainment facility provides an additional shopping option for the BVI, where you can find over some 50 stores and restaurants including unique BVI stores, new concept businesses as well as prominent international brands. Offering an unmatched shopping, dining and entertainment experience, this fantastic new facility is a most do on your next BVI vacation.