The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) will be aiming this year to solve more cold cases dating back some 2 decades, following the creation of a Historical Case Review Team.

This was revealed by the Commissioner of Police Mark Collins during a recent media conference.

He said the aim of the RVIPF is to review a number of these unsolved cases using previously submitted evidence and new technology.

“We also have created a dedicated Historical Case Team that is solely committed to reviewing all of the previous unsolved crimes that we’ve got on the islands and to look at previous testaments, look at previous victim statements, to look at previous opportunities around forensics and to meet with the families to discuss the cases of their loved ones,” he stated.

He added, “I personally have met with some of the families most recently on some of the outstanding cases to appraise them of the situation and what we are seeking to achieve. With fresh eyes and greater technology at our disposal, we will this year see charges for other murders, I am sure.”

Approximately 30 cold cases to be reviewed

Commissioner Collins said he believes that the total number of cold cases to be solved in the BVI are around 30.

He said the aim is to look at each outstanding case one-by-one before proceeding to the next.

“The whole purpose of the Historical Case Review Team is to look at those cases that go back probably up to 20 years across the islands. And I think I’m talking about some 30 cases there. But we will look at those case by case and we will report to the media as to when we get any breakthroughs. But my biggest thing on this is liaising with the families first and letting the families know what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and appraising them of the situation. But we want to look at those cases that are outstanding,” Commissioner Collins explained.

The top cop said the RVIPF has solved 5 of 9 most recent murder cases over the last two years.