At Large Representative Honourable Carvin Malone has broken his silence to clear the air following yesterday’s announcement of a National Unity Government, stating that he voluntarily gave up his position as a minister to support a unification geared at reforming the territory.

During Wednesday’s press conference Acting Premier Dr. The Honourable Natalio Wheatley listed a number of individuals for ministries who will be a part of the new proposed National Unity Government.

Notably Malone who has been the Minister for Health and Social Development since being elected in 2019 was not among the listed persons.

Instead, his ministry was awarded to Opposition Leader Honourable Marlon Penn.

This news sparked a number of rumours across the territory as residents started to speculate on whether Malone was being investigated as part of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) report.

In a response published on social media today Thursday May 5, Malone addressed such rumors, stating he voluntarily agreed to cede his appointment and was not sacked due to any COI related audit or investigation.

He said, “I thought it fitting to inform everyone that Carvin Malone (that’s me), have NOT been listed or inferred in the Commission of Inquiry’s (COI) report for audit or investigation. This rumor is deliberate and it is wrong. STOP IT.”

“Just to be clear, I voluntarily agreed to cede my appointment as Minister for Health and Social Development in support of unification that is aimed at reform while addressing the 45+ recommendations listed in the COI’s report. The issues being addressed will be in addition to others that I have detected and advocated for during my short 39 months as Minister,” he added.

Constitutional processes must be followed

The At Large Representative also said that while he has given up his position, the relevant authorities must now utilise the correct constitutional means to ensure that the composition of the proposed new National Unity Government is legal.

“There are constitutional processes that MUST be followed if the transfer of posts and positions is to be legally accomplished and haste must not deepen our present crisis. The report of the COI took 455 days to complete the review of over 55 years of Governance with specific focus on the last 12 years. Within the last 7 days a number of structural adjustments have been directed and adhered to. Let us not leap to conclusions. I will do my best to keep everyone fully informed of and engaged with the process and the requirements,” he explained.

Malone to oversee 1st District

Meanwhile, Malone will now have responsibility over District One according to the Acting Premier.

Dr. Wheatley made that confirmation during Wednesday’s press conference where he said the added responsibility will coexist with his position of Territorial At Large Representative.