Premier Honourable Andrew Fahie will be required to remain behind bars after his approved $500,000 bond was appealed by United States (U.S) prosecutors on Wednesday.

This was confirmed by international media company Nationwide News which said the bond that initially was granted by Judge Alicia Otazo Reyes of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District, will be suspended pending the outcome of the appeal.

The report said that an appeal of this kind usually takes weeks, but in this present circumstance the appeal could likely be fast tracked to be returned in a few days.

Fahie a danger to the community

According to a court document obtained by 284News, U.S prosecutors presented two main arguments as to why Premier Fahie should be denied bail or bond.

The first, that he is a danger to the community due to his heavy involvement in alleged corruption and criminal activity at “the highest levels.”

Prosecutors argued, “He has accepted bribes, he has agreed to pay bribes, he has conspired to import thousands of kilograms of a dangerous controlled substance, he has admitted to working with known drug dealers in the BVI, and he has expressed a willingness to inquire about the acquisition of firearms from a Senegalese contact – on behalf of the Sinaloa Cartel.”

They continued, “Fahie added that his “reliable” criminal associate in the BVI was involved in moving both money and guns (apparently with the knowledge and acquiescence of Fahie). According to Fahie himself, he has been involved in this type of criminal activity for 15-20 years.”

Prosecutors say they believe that the premier’s release would result in a danger to the community by allowing for continued drug trafficking from the BVI to the United States, and the ongoing protection of criminal activity he allegedly provides.

They say, not only would he serve as a danger to the community, but his freedom in society would allow for the unfettered criminal activity of his acquaintances to continue.

A flight risk

The second argument presented is that Premier Fahie would serve as a flight risk, due to his limited connections to the United States, other than his daughters and the possibility of facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Prosecutors stated, “Perhaps more concerning than the danger posed by Fahie is the severe risk that he will flee from prosecution if released on bond. Fahie presents a particularly concerning risk of flight because he has a compelling reason to flee, he has a demonstrated disregard for the rule of law, he has the connections and ability to flee, and he has extremely limited connections to the Southern District of Florida.”

They added, “As an initial matter, Fahie is facing a very high guidelines sentence after conviction, along with whatever political consequences he may face. At the very low end, the Defendant is facing a sentence of 235 months, or approximately 20 years. His eventual sentence provides a clear and compelling reason to flee from prosecution if released on bond.”

Fahie to plead not guilty

Meanwhile, during Wednesday’s court appearance the premier’s attorney Theresa Van Vliet said her client would deny the allegations.

His arraignment hearing where he will formally be required to enter a plea is scheduled for May 25.