The first-floor slabs at the ESHS Redevelopment Project began its concrete pour today, 6th May 2022. This comes days after the project reached its one month milestone since construction works commenced.

On 4th May, the Elmore Stoutt High School Redevelopment Project reached its one-month milestone, and the project continues to move ahead at a rapid pace.

In an earlier update, Project Manager Floyd Stoutt spoke of the significance of the project progress. “In a matter of three weeks we have poured and put in place all our foundation works and right now we are about to embark on casting the first-floor slabs for each of the four buildings.”

“Once the slabs are poured there will be an increase in rapid pace for installing walls, beams, and other support structures to get the main frame of the buildings in place,” Stoutt said.

Building Materials being acquired

Contractors are acquiring more materials to come on site in preparation for the casting of the floors and have passed all inspections with the Building and Planning Authority to date.

On March 31st, 2022, four contractors were awarded contracts for this ESHS Redevelopment Project.


 • Quality Construction Limited was awarded the contract for Building A – Technical Block valuing $4,336,427.12.

• Metro Construction Limited was awarded the contract for Building B – Classroom Block North valuing $2,496,690.84.

• Autland Heavy Equipment Co. Limited was awarded the contract for Building C-Classroom Block South valuing $3,721,766.59.

• Sunleaf Construction and Northam Construction Limited a joint venture was also awarded a contract for Building D – Admin Office Block valuing Package $888,104.66.

Contractors took possession of the site on 4th April, 2022 and 4th May, 2022 marked the one-month anniversary.