The BVI Airports Authority Board is now the latest statutory board to be dissolved with the Social Security Board and the BVI Tourist Board next in line.

This was relayed by the Premier and Minister of Finance Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley during a press conference today Tuesday, May 24.

He confirmed that the BVI Ports Authority Board was now officially dissolved adding that the BVI Airports Board followed a similar fate where members either resigned or their tenure expired.

“Today, I would like to announce that the BVI Airports Authority Board will have a new board. I have spoken to the Chair of the Board and communicated the Government’s wish to dissolve the most recent board.  The membership of the entire board has expired or members have given their resignation.  I thank the Chairman and Members for their service,” Premier Wheatley stated.

He added, “We have also come to the conclusion as a Government that it is in the public interest to have a new Social Security Board.  The Chairman is currently away from the Territory and the Deputy Chairman has already resigned.  I take this opportunity to thank the Chairman and members for their service to the people of the Virgin Islands.”


Premier Wheatley also addressed the BVI Tourist Board, hinting that a new board is on the horizon for that statutory body.

He said, “As it concerns the BVI Tourist Board, this statutory board is critical to supporting our tourism sector. The appointments of the current Board members will expire shortly. Once this happens, new appointments will be made with strong representation from across the various sectors of the tourism industry. Tourism is too critical to our economy to not have such strong sectoral representation. I ask for the industry’s support as we prepare for the upcoming tourism season.”

No wrongdoing nor criminal investigation pending

The leader of the Government business also made it clear that the removal of the present persons sitting on boards does not indicate that they are involved in any wrongdoing or are being criminally investigated.

“I want to make it clear that these boards are not being dismantled because of any knowledge of wrongdoing by the most recent membership.  I personally know that we have members who have made strong contributions, who are people of integrity, who have sacrificed countless hours of their time and energy, but given recent events it is important for us to have a fresh start,” the premier explained.

Premier Wheatley reiterated his stance on the new composition of statutory boards, stating that the previous practice of having one person sitting on multiple boards will be no longer.

He said, “As I previously stated, it is not good practice for persons to sit on multiple statutory boards. These bodies should never be unduly influenced through the concentration of the same people sitting on several boards at the same time. Cabinet will very soon commission the development of a proper protocol for the appointment and dismissal of statutory board members, to ensure the process is transparent and that the criteria against which persons are selected for statutory boards is appropriate.”