The organisers behind ‘Every Rhythm is a Fete’ have cleared the air after numerous rumours were circulated against the entities involved, following the June 11 event.

The event was not as widely supported as expected despite having two major international soca artistes – Lyrikal and Nadia Batson – as the headlining acts for the event.

On the night of the event, those in attendance were disappointed, after one of the two main acts according to the management of VI Lush Promotions, despite being in the territory, opted not to perform.

Breaking their silence weeks after the event, the management of VI Lush Promotions sought to put to rest what they termed to be untrue rumours being circulated across the territory.

The organisers made it clear that they fulfilled all of their contractual obligations that were signed prior to the show. However, they stated that the same could not be said for the artiste who failed to perform.

“We made it a point to source what we considered at the time, quality artistes for the public’s entertainment, and made sure to adhere to the strict contractual stipulations which were provided by the individual management teams.  At no time was it communicated to us that we had fallen short on our obligations, whether before, during or after the artiste’s attendance in the territory,” the management stated.

“Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, no amount of preparation can help certain issues to be avoided, and through absolutely no fault of VI Lush Promotions, the artiste associated with Dynamic Entertainment decided not to perform, for reasons which have yet to be communicated to us. The reason which was given at the time was in no way, whether express or implied, a part of the contract agreed between the artiste and VI Lush Promotions,” the management explained.

Disappointed in the lack of professionalism

VI Lush Promotions also expressed that they were extremely disappointed in the manner in which the said artiste handled the situation.

They said, “Our team went above and beyond to make sure that the first show we executed would have gone off without a hitch, however once again, no amount of preparation on one part can account for or control the behaviour on the other part.”

 “It is a shame that in this day and age professionals choose not to extend professional courtesy to each other by reaching out and trying to figure out what went wrong and how it can be avoided in the future, but instead choose to go the route of releasing damaging statements and rumours, with the full knowledge that each brand relies heavily on the way their product is marketed and received by the consumers,” the management added.

Apology to all patrons

The local promotion company also apologised to the persons who paid to enjoy a full experience in the Festival Grounds but were denied such an opportunity due to the action of an artiste.

“We do acknowledge that in every venture there is a learning curve, and take this time to apologise to our patrons who did come out to support and were disappointed by the various setbacks. However we are doing our very best to take everything in stride and look forward to serving the public bigger and better,” VI Lush Promotions added.

While the management did not name the artiste in question, investigations by 284News revealed that the artiste associated with Dynamic Entertainment who was scheduled to perform on June 11, is none other than Trinidadian Nadia Batson.