Two of the three persons nominated by the Governor for the Constitutional Review Commission were not unanimously voted upon.

This was disclosed by Premier Dr. the Honourable Natalio Wheatley at a press conference on Friday, July 1, following the announcement of a 16-member Constitutional Review Commission.

Premier Wheatley did not single out the two individuals but said they received strong opposition from other voting members due to a number of reasons.

Some of the reasons the premier listed included: past experiences of how the two individuals treated some of the voting members, the manner in which the two individuals behaved in various settings previously, and their alleged disregard for Virgin Islanders.

Despite the opposition, Governor His Excellency John Rankin said he was contented with his selection and the other 13 selected members.

He described the selected individuals who are all belongers as honourable and stated that he has no evidence to suggest otherwise.

Meanwhile, Premier Wheatley urged all residents to participate in the Constitutional Review process, as he said these contributions will assist in a meaningful manner.

The committee will be led by Mrs. Lisa Penn-Lettsome as the Chairperson while Ms. Janice Stoutt will be the Deputy Chairman.

The other 14 members include Dr. Charles Wheatley, Mr. Ronnie Skelton, Mrs. Bernadine Louis, Rev. Dr. Melvin Turnbull, Dr. Benedicta Samuels, Dr. Steve Lennard, Ms. Maya Barry, Mr. Sendrick Chinnery, Ms. Noni Georges, Mr. Coy Levans, Mr. Rajah Smith, Sir Dennis Byron, Mrs. Tanya Cassie-Parker; and Ms. Susan Demers.