Darier “Dee” Malone and Claury “Clo” Scattlife are set to create history for the British Virgin Islands after being selected to represent Team Great Britain in baseball at the 2022 European Women’s Championships in Montpellier, France.

This was confirmed by the Virgin Islands Softball-Baseball Association on Wednesday, July 13.

Both players are members of the BVI Women’s National Club and team Synergy, the undefeated squad in the Women’s Division of the 2022 Terrence “Chino” Chinnery National Fastpitch League.

The Association said the historic occasion will “pave the way for many athletes seeking to further their athletic careers in Baseball and Softball.”

In a brief interview with the Association, Scattlife who currently dominates the diamond in the British Virgin Islands with nine hits, sixteen runs, and three home runs, said, “I’m ready; I’ve been working hard for this moment!”

She is known for being a versatile player, with capabilities of pitching, catching, playing infield and any position in the outfield.

Meanwhile, Malone, who is the owner of Diamonds Sporting Academy said she was still overwhelmed with the news.

She said, “This opportunity still has me in shock, and I kept it a secret even from my parents for a very long time.”

“I was contacted via Facebook as my former teammate Luis “Lui” Frometa shared my information with Great Britain’s pitching coach Josh Taylor. Luckily, “Lui” recalled Darier was one of the only females that played Baseball “through the boys” and travelled to university to play softball as well,” Malone explained.

Both received support for video submission

Before both Malone and Scattlife were selected, they had to each submit a video to the Great Britain coaching staff.

The two videos focused on throwing, fielding, catching, hitting, pitching and running.

Malone said she received great support from her kids at her academy to compile her submission video.

“They were so excited for me,” Malone stated, adding that the kids would constantly nag her and shout “hurry up and make the video; we’ll even help you do it; which they did and I am forever grateful for them”.

Meanwhile, Scattlife said her support came from teammates and players Kennard Dawson, Demoi “Ben Up” Hodge, Jamal “Lefty” Allen, Giansy Rabsatt and Akiema Brookes to ensure her submission was on point.

Plenty of talent in the BVI

Malone also highlighted the level of talent that exists in the territory. She believes these talented individuals just need an opportunity to showcase their abilities.

She said, “There are many talents in this little island we call home, and I can say that because since I started Diamonds, I’ve seen so many talented boys and girls, but they need to get an opportunity to showcase their talent”.

Malone and Scattlife will begin their Baseball journey to Montpellier, France, on July 28, 2022 and return on August 10, 2022.

The round-robin championship will be played against the Czech Republic, Netherlands and France teams at the Greg Hamilton Baseball Park, Montpellier.

Accompanying the ladies as they showcase Virgin Islands talent on the world stage will be Darier’s father, Mr. Guy Malone.

Darier Malone with some of her students from the Diamond Sporting Academy
Kennard Dawson, Demoi “Ben Up” Hodge, Claury Scattlife, Jamal “Lefty” Allen and Giansy Rabsatt