In a recent House of Assembly sitting, Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley, upon the request of the Opposition, provided some updates as to the process being taken to investigate the controversial “Police in Paradise” video.

According to the premier, in addition to a Cabinet request for an investigation into the production and dissemination of the video, he has also communicated with the governor to have the matter taken up by the National Security Council (NSC).

“Cabinet has requested an investigation concerning the production and illegal dissemination of what is being referred to as a recruitment video, but this is a matter that will be addressed to the National Security Council. I have therefore communicated the request to his Excellency the Governor”, he said.

The Premier assured that the results of the NSC investigation will be made public once available.

Responding to concerns that the video may have been circulated beyond the territory, Dr. Wheatley said there is no evidence that the video has been or will be aired in the UK or otherwise.

He also noted that the video seen by the public was a leaked draft and was not approved by any agency or authority to be released in that format.

“Based on information received from the Governor’s office and the Commissioner of Police, this video has not and will not be aired in the UK or any other country…the video was a leaked draft and no agency or authority approved the script in its presented format”, he said.

While various personnel, including the commissioner of police, the governor and the BVI Tourist Board have all issued their account of the events which led to the shocking video, the Premier said “there seems to be some confusion as to whether the proper process was followed as it pertains to the tourist board and film commission.”

“Information received from the Police Commissioner suggests that contact was made with the Tourist Board and it was said that this was not a matter for the Tourist Board. The Tourist Board has released a statement giving another version of events. An investigation has been requested of the Governor, which once conducted will provide a clearer picture of the events,” Premier Wheatley further explained.