Residents can expect the same great experience of the Coney Island activities of the past emancipation festivals, during this year’s “Fun-land” which will be part of the Bernard ‘Yampie’ Nibbs Festiville.

As explained by Vice Chairman of the Festival Affairs Committee Birch Lettsome, the name change this year came about because of some unforeseen difficulties which he said resulted in authorities being unable to procure the Coney Island style attractions that the festival has been well known for.

According to Lettsome, it was seen as only fitting that the activity be given a name that would be representative of what patrons should expect.

“I just think it’s always important for people to understand and manage expectations. So referring to it as Fun Land and not particularly Coney Island begs a question. When you ask “Hey! What’s Fun land?”, you can say “hey we have a bunch of local companies” they are now the backbone of our entertainment”, he said.

Residents of all ages are welcomed to the free activity, where they can expect numerous attractions and confections, including but not limited to Go-Kart Racing, Train Rides, Trampoline, Basketball Shooting, Arcade games, Cotton Candy and Candy Apples.

Lettsome said while the activity has already launched, efforts are ongoing to increase its capacity by adding more attractions throughout the weekend.

Adjustments made in 2019 to facilitate the smooth and efficient flow of activities following a concert on the western side of the village, resulted in the Coney Island event being relocated.

However, Lettsome said that this year it is back at its original layout on the eastern side of the festival village.

Members of the public are urged to patronize the activities and to connect with the Festival Affairs Committee on social media for updates throughout the season.