Claury “Clo” Scatliffe and Darier “Dee” Malone will be making their baseball debuts on Wednesday, August 3, as the Great Britain team gears up for their first game of the 2022 Women’s European Baseball Championship in France.

Scatliffe and Malone both landed safely in Montpellier, France, and have been putting in their final training preparations ahead of their first game against the Czech Republic in the round-robin championships.

Speaking recently to 284Media, Malone, who has been practicing a new position at 3rd base, said she intends to play her best and give it her all when she is called to duty.

“My goal is to get there and to do my best. It would all depend on how many games are played because there are a lot of women that would be on this trip and my goal is whenever I get that chance to step in between these white lines, whether it’s in shortstop on the field, whether it’s in the home plate to hit, I just want to do my best,” Malone stated.

She also expressed that the opportunity is one that she will never forget.

“That is something that I would appreciate for the rest of my life because it can’t be taken away don’t matter what is done, don’t matter what is said. It will go down in history what me and Claury is about to do,” Malone added.

Meanwhile, Scatilffe shared similar sentiments, stating that she intends to play her best as she is looking forward to the opportunity.