Today, Friday August 5th, 2022 the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force together with the BVI Chamber of Commerce and Hotel Association marks its first observance of Family Fridays.

This Friday, August 5th and every first Friday of the month, the families and extended families are being encouraged to reconnect around the dinner table whether in homes, in backyards or at a restaurant to reset values and restore hearts. Members of households are being challenged to make time to love, laugh, comfort, and support each other in hopes of counteracting some of the social issues affecting the society today. Food always provides a reason to gather.

Particularly in these extended family units, there is a sense of belonging. Members are given the opportunity to tease out and resolve issues within the home ahead of time, counsel and support marriages or unions, shower love on the little ones, and pass on the good, long-held values, morals, and traditions that are needed to bring balance to young lives.

The input of the extended family can quickly provide opportunities to flesh out life issues. Long conversations over good meal can heal wounds and at the same time expose any abuse, neglect in children and deviancy within a young adult. These gatherings provided the opportunity to pass down long-held values, standards, morals, and ethics to the young boys, girls, and children about attitudes and beliefs needed to shape balanced adult lives.                                   

The RVIPF is also encouraging families to take advantage of restaurants who are supporting this initiative by given sizeable discounts to parties of seven or more. Participating restaurants are listed on the Facebook page – Family Fridays BVI. Collect a discount card at the front desk of the Road Town Police Station or at Police Headquarters.

Take photos of these monthly reunions, post them with the hashtag Family Fridays BVI and be eligible for a family prize. Let us restore communities one family at a time.