Green VI, in partnership with government departments, is working to expand the WE RECYCLE programme for better waste management and reduce the risk of disease-carrying mosquitoes for better health. To help with this work and other areas of BVI betterment, the organisation is inviting all residents to take part in a territory-wide KAP survey of their Knowledge, Attitude and Practices about these and other matters that impact environmental well-being.

The KAP Survey, which asks twenty-five simple questions, assesses an individual’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practices regarding recycling, mosquitoes, a plastic ban, eco-cleaning, a bottle bill, clean water and alternative energy. The survey is anonymous and can be completed in less than ten minutes.

Sarah Penney, Green VI’s Deputy Director, noted that “The KAP Survey is very important to improving our systems so that the needs of the people are addressed in the critical areas of environmental health and security.” She added that,” Last year, we completed 1,600 KAP Surveys and this year our goal is to at least double that number, so that projects put in place are well-informed by public opinions and practices.”

Last year’s KAP Survey of 1,600 people yielded the information that 33% of this group had experienced a mosquito-borne illness, 15% had breeding-site risks at their home and 80% knew that mosquitoes travel from one house to another. These and other indicators have helped Green VI strengthen and expand their BugOut Programme, which has reduced High-Risk breeding sites on Virgin Gorda by 96% and is currently targeting the mosquito that carries diseases.

The 2021 Survey also informed the WE RECYCLE Programme, which has diverted 7,031 tons of recyclables from dumping or incineration; including 7.6 million plastic bottles. 54% of those polled on Tortola and Virgin Gorda recycled their plastic, glass and aluminium cans, 75% support a Plastic Ban and 83% were in favour of a Bottle Bill. In light of the recent fire that incapacitated the Territory’s only incinerator, Green VI and the Department of Waste Management are urging all citizens to participate in the WE RECYCLE Programme. Feedback from the 2022 KAP Survey will be used to keep improving waste management in the BVI.

Throughout the month of August, Green VI team members will be canvassing people in person on all four main islands with KAP Surveys in both English and Spanish. The Surveys, which are customised for each island, are also available online by visiting

Green VI Team Members are available for on-site visits to clubs, churches, schools and businesses that wish to take the Survey. For more information or help in completing the Survey either in person or online, ring Green VI anytime at 346-4040.

Established in 2009, Green VI is a leading environmental not-for-profit organisation dedicated to creating a greener, cleaner, healthier British Virgin Islands.