On the eve of a new school year in the territory, the Ministry of Education is preparing to say farewell to some of the long standing, dedicated educators who are due for retirement following several decades of service in the schooling system.

These educators were recognized by Minister for Education Honourable Sharie De Castro during a recent presentation to the House of Assembly, during which she thanked them all for their contributions to generations of Virgin Islanders.

“I must take this opportunity to recognise and appreciate the efforts of ministry staff, principals, teachers, counselors and parents for their diligence in preparing our students for their matriculation to the next phase…. I would like to recognise those educators who are retiring from the service at the end of this academic year”, she said.

A subsequent release of the minister’s statement detailed the honoured retirees as follows:

Mrs. Jacqueline Nibbs – Eslyn Henley Richiez Learning Center
30 years of service

Mrs. Shanda Chalwell Walters – Elmore Stoutt High School
25 years of service

Ms. Jacinth Stoutt – Elmore Stoutt High School
34 years of service

Mrs. Koval Cruickshank – Alexandrina Maduro Primary School
39 years of service

Mrs. Maria Smith Callwood – Alexandrina Maduro Primary School
26 years of service

Ms. Monique Penn – Willard Wheatley Primary School
25 years of service

Mrs. Ruthlyn Gregg – Francis Lettsome Primary School
28 years of service

Ms. Marsha Flemming – IEP Coordinator
25 years of service

Dr. Thomas Alexander – Educational Psychologist
38 years of service

Mr. Allen Hodge – Education Officer for TVET
34 years of service

Ms. Ereia Smith – Speech and Language Pathologist
28 years of service

The minister, and by extension the Ministry of Education, has wished all of the newly retired staff a happy retirement and the best in future endeavors.