Preliminary investigations by the Environmental Health Division across numerous local supermarkets have concluded that the contaminated “Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Juice Drink Blend beverages by Kraft Heinz” are presently not in the territory.

This was confirmed by the Chief Environmental Health Officer Mr. Lionel Michael, following a voluntary recall of approximately 5,760 cases of the product by the manufacturer.

He said following the news of the contaminated product the Environmental Health Division activated its recall programme with the major suppliers and retailers in the British Virgin Islands.

“We got a notification on Monday and we immediately contacted the suppliers and retailers here, the major ones, and they indicated that they did their checks of their storerooms and their stock and they did not have any of the Capri Sun in question,” Michael stated.

He added, “We did a subsequent check of inspection and assessment of these places. We did RiteWay, OneMart…Bobbies and other places and we did not find any of that brand in the BVI at this moment. They indicated that they have been out of it for some time now, so it’s not present in the BVI at the moment.”

Michael also appealed to residents across the territory who recently visited the United States of America and returned with the branded Capri Suns product, to inspect the juices.

“We are asking people who may have gone to the US, who may have purchased in the past, to check the dates and ensure that it is not one of those… If they have it in their homes, not to use it, and to return it to the store or supplier that they buy it, and take it from there,” the CEHO advised.

Recall stems from cleaning solution contamination

A media release from the Environmental Health Division revealed that the recall of the Capri Sun juices stems from a cleaning chemical solution which “was inadvertently introduced into a production line” at one of the Kraft Heinz.

Kraft Heinz stated that only the Wild Cherry flavored Capri Sun with the following information is potentially affected:

Capri Sun Wild Cherry Flavored Drink:

Manufacturer Code on Pouch: 25 June 2023 WXX LYY ####

Note: #### would be between 0733-0900 for products affected in this recall.

XX may be 01, 02, 03, 04, 09 or 10

YY may be 01 through 12.

Persons are asked to contact their healthcare provider if they have come in contact with the contaminated product and are feeling ill.

For further information, please contact the Environmental Health Division at 284-468-5110.