A man and a woman have been charged with firearm and drug possession offences following a late night operation by the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF)on Tuesday.

The RVIPF gave the confirmation in a media release today, stating that two were apprehended after a routine search of the rental vehicle the couple was in uncovered the illegal items.

They are 42-year-old Rashon Lewis a resident of Jacksonville, Florida and 25-year-old Rhondella Guishard of Horsepath Tortola, who were both charged with carrying a firearm without a licence and unlawful possession of ammunition.

Lewis was additionally charged with possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, unlawful possession of cannabis and landing in the territory without leave of an immigration officer.

The police said other charges may be pending.

According to the police a semi-automatic gun, ammunition, cash, marijuana and ecstasy pills were all found inside the vehicle which was parked in the parking lot of Hodge’s Creek Marina.

“After detecting the scent of marijuana, the male driver was questioned and subsequently searched along with the female and the vehicle. A semi-automatic pistol and two loaded magazines with a total of 24 rounds of ammunition were uncovered. Close to 240 grams of suspected cannabis and over $4,000 in cash was also found. A search of the driver’s accommodations further uncovered a large quantity of pills suspected to be ecstasy,” the RVIPF stated.

Inspector overseeing the unit Durville Carty said these officers consistently go beyond the call of duty even in the midnight hours.

He said not always does it bear fruit, but he noted that this time it did, adding that his officers will continue to keep the pressure on.

Lewis and Guishard will appear in court at the next available sitting.