In the coming days the British Virgin Islands, for the first time, will hold a national observance of World Pharmacist day – a day set aside internationally for the celebration of pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and technicians in the field of pharmacy.

In a special edition of the GIS report, Chief of Drugs and Pharmaceutical Services Garcia Wheatley – Smith spoke to the importance of having such an observation in the territory, particularly on the heels of unprecedented circumstances which have unfolded in the territory in recent years.

“World Pharmacist Day is an annual celebration in honour of our hard working pharmacists. This will be the first time it is observed in the British Virgin Islands… We give God thanks that this day we are choosing to observe our hard working pharmacists who have been there for us during COVID ensuring that we got our medications and even after hurricanes Irma and maria devastated, when they could have been home with their families, they were out making sure that patients had access”, she said.

Wheatley – Smith was joined by pharmacist Akeema Jankie Emmanuel who reflected on this year’s theme for World Pharmacist Day – “Pharmacy united in action for a healthier world”.

“What this really means is that we, as pharmacists, around the globe our aim is to provide optimum healthcare to everyone no matter where you are in the world and we’re booking to strengthen the profession”, she said.

World Pharmacist Day was commissioned by the International Pharmaceutical Federation Council (FIP) at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Services in 2009.

Globally it is observed on September 25th, because this is the day that the FIP came on stream in 1912. Observations in the BVI will be held on Friday September 23rd.