The Rotary Club of Tortola (RCT) is pleased to announce its partnership with Unite BVI to restore the already complete portion of the Roger Downing Boardwalk (RDB) that was badly damaged during the 2017 hurricanes Irma and Maria.

No Limit Construction will carry out the works that should take a few weeks. Residents, school age children and visitors will soon be able to one’s again have an Emerson’s experience in the mangroves at Paraquita Bay and learn about mangroves, the types that exist within the area and how mangrove ecosystems are important to the Virgin Islands. 

“This is the first step in a major push by the RCT to complete the plans that we have had for quite a while for the Roger Downing Mangrove Boardwalk (RDB). This includes an observation tower and a complete loupe emerging at an interpretation centre.” said Vice President, Abigail O’Neal and Co-Chair on the project. She continued, “There will be educational place cards along the path as well as benches that organizations may sponsor.”

The project is to be complete by the members of RCT no later than June 2025 but the RCT of Tortola believes that they can accomplish this sooner.

Dr. Sauda Underwood Smith, Executive Director, Unite BVI,“Unite BVI is proud to partner with the Rotary Club of Tortola to restore this place of enjoyment, discovery and natural beauty.  We are grateful for the opportunity to assist in the preservation of our Mangrove forests.”

Thor Dowing, “On behalf of our late father, Roger Downing we are incredibly pleased and excited to see that movement is being made to restore this incredible structure and we are greatly looking forward to the future. We thank Rotary and Unite BVI for keeping our family included in this project and for the amazing work being undertaken.”

It is unclear to some persons how our natural environment can affect our everyday lives and not realize how much of it we take advantage of its free services. This ranges from the air we breathe, the food we eat and the beaches we travel to for recreational activities.