Among important observations in the territory, the BVI Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has noted that in December 2022 the territory observes the 100 year anniversary of the establishment of health services in the BVI.

BVIHSA’s Chairman Moleto Smith spoke of the commemoration during a recent press conference.

“In 1922 health services had been initiated as an organised, structured element in the BVI and this is the 100th year. It should be footnoted that it is not specifically BVIHSA exclusive activity, it is a national activity and as such we will continue to collaborate on that activity for the 100 year celebration,” he said.

The initiation Smith spoke about was the founding of the original “Cottage Hospital”, which itself has since grown into the Dr. Dr Orlando Smith Hospital, and given way to the umbrella organisation the British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority. 

Smith noted that for this grand commemoration, slated to be held in the coming weeks, the BVIHSA is hoping to gather input from across the organisation.

“During our meetings, I again solicited recommendations from all our staff because we don’t have all the answers… This is not just a top-down movement of thoughts, we want input from everyone, and we are anticipating an activity in the month of December, before the year is out,” he said.