The managers at the Adina Donovan Home for the Elderly will be able to check items off the residential home’s wish list thanks to a Seasonal donation received from Drakes Traders Ltd.  A gift of $2,500 was presented by the Drakes Traders team to the home Manager, Mrs. Ritzia Turnbull-Smith, and Assistant Manager Ms. Tiffany George who were at the hardware and home goods store in Fish Bay on December 13.

The donation will be used to acquire items needed for the home throughout the year.

“We have 22 residents at the moment and, as with the management of any household, we constantly need to restock or replace home goods for the smooth running of the facility,” said Mrs. Turnbull-Smith. “We gratefully accept this gift which will help us to continue to provide our caregiving services without compromising on the availability of materials or equipment that we use on a daily basis.”

The Adina Donovan Home, located on Main Street in Road Town, has enjoyed gifts from Drakes Traders for a few years.

“We know from previous conversations with Mrs. Turnbull-Smith that many of the residents don’t have the in-built support network to make sure they have everything they need,” said Mr. Christian Esser, Managing Director of Drakes Traders. “We are pleased to be able to offer some assistance to make the process of caregiving easier and smoother – especially at this time of year – and we wish the residents and staff all the best and a very merry Christmas!”

Mrs. Turnbull-Smith expanded on the services of Adina Donovan Home beyond caregiving. In an effort to provide a rounded experience for its elderly residents, the home also offers a programme of activities to ensure they remain active and engaged and the managers work with individuals and groups to meet its commitments.

“Whether it’s reading sessions and conversations or general entertainment such as musical presentations or exercise, the benefits of social interaction can’t be underestimated,” said Mrs. Turnbull-Smith. “While we have a roster of fixed activities – and staying abreast of trends of COVID and other infectious diseases in our community – a limited number of immediate family, close friends or social groups who are able to spend time with our residents are always welcome.”

“If there are private sector entities looking for a cause to support, I ask that they consider supporting the Adina Donovan Home in whatever way they can,” added Mrs. Turnbull-Smith.

Mrs. Turnbull-Smith can be contacted by email at or by telephone on 1 (284) 468-2345.