Social Commentator Claude Skelton Cline believes that it is important to the pursuit of true democracy in the next general election that all members of the Virgin Islands population, regardless of social or immigration status, engage in discussions and discourse surrounding what direction the electorate should take. 

Cline spoke on the January 17th Edition of his “Honestly Speaking” talk show.

Cline reiterated that in his view, democracy in the Virgin Islands has not been respected as it should, and it will be necessary in this election that the people take back their power.

He went on to share his views on progression patterns recently seen in the political landscape, and stressed that more often than not persons who have performed well in supporting roles are not necessarily cut from the right cloth to strive as leaders.

Cline shares these views as much of the Territory awaits confirmation of how the major political parties intend to compose themselves to contest the 2023 General Election.