VISAR’s Winter Wonderland, which features one of few ice-skating rinks in the Caribbean, was held for the third time throughout the 2022 Holiday Season.

The event spanned over several weeks and invited Virgin Islanders of all ages to have some fun on the ice, ultimately with the goal of raising vital funds for the Virgin Islands’ Search and Rescue.

Project Manager for the activity, Julie Schneider of Purpose Driven Consultants, stopped by our studio this week for a preliminary post-mortem of the 2022 hosting of the event.

Despite still being in the midst of tallying the true results of fundraising efforts, Schneider was confident that the event had fulfilled the goals set by her team.

This, she noted, was a result of the support of the community for the event which from many indications has become a staple on the Virgin Islands Christmas Calendar.

While the event is successful in its current state, VISAR is eying possible expansion of the facilities to allow even more possibilities on the ice, particularly for the Territory’s children.

This, ofcourse, will only be possible with some additional support.

VISAR thanks members of the public and the business community for their continued support, and is urging persons to keep an eye out for upcoming events to take place throughout 2023.