7th District Independent Candidate Perline Scatliffe-Leonard took to the 7th District this past Saturday February 25th to address 7th District constituents in her quest to represent them in the next House of Assembly. The candidate launch was chaired by former legislator and sports commentator Mr. E. Walwyn Brewley and saw selections and speeches by youth members of the 7th District Community.

The former Director of Water and Sewage Department recently retired from the public service after serving for some 33 years. She has since been very vocal about inaccuracies within the public service that seemingly hinder public servants from excelling.

In her remarks Scatliffe-Leonard referred to herself as a doer and not someone who will simply make promises. At the Stickit in Long Look, a small audience listened to some of the areas of concern she stated if elected, she will address, including district beautification, as well as the well-being of the elderly and youths.

Regarding her various initiatives, Scatliffe-Leonard said she will seek private partnership in order to make these visions a reality stating, “We send a clarion call to the private sector, that we depend on you to help us build our territory and so we look to you for your support in all that we set ourselves to do.”

The mother and grandmother since declaring her candidacy stated her desire to focus on the family and less fortunate in her community. She said, “When families are able to provide for themselves, we create healthier, safer, and more prosperous communities.”

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