Former Speaker of the House of Assembly, Ingrid Moses-Scatliffe, is one of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement At-Large candidates in the upcoming general elections. Moses-Scatliffe served a House Speaker from 2011-2019.

Moses-Scatliffe brings the Movements total candidates thus far to 8 including, Territorial At-Large candidates Ronnie W Skelton, Shaina Smith-Archer and Stacy ‘Buddha’ Mather. District candidates, Sylvia Moses (D1), Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull (D2), Paul Hewlett (D4) and Shereen Flax-Charles (D9).

Moses-Scatliffe stated during a virtual launch, “This is not an ordinary election. It cannot be business as usual. It is the most defining moment in the history of this territory because this is going to chart the way forward.” She added, “We can help young people, individuals, [and] families, make this a better place to live, and to enjoy prosperity.”

The former Speaker, described herself as a principled person, reiterated that the Virgin Islands needs strong, capable and competent leadership at such a critical juncture in its journey.