Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley has claimed that his government is “pushing hard” to have several sewerage related contracts signed in the coming weeks.

This comes as the territory is gearing up for a General Election, about 5 weeks away. And, as Wheatley acknowledges that across the Territory sewerage is believed to be used by candidates as a “political football”.

He says that the contracts will result from a tender process which is in the mature states of completion.

He also took this opportunity to address the narrative that the 8th District has been ignored by the government in recent years. Wheatley rubbished the idea as “false information”, and supported his view by stating that the government is in the process of procuring necessary materials to address issues in the 8th. 

Deputy Premier Hon Kye Rymer has previously spoken on the aforementioned contracts before the House of Assembly, at which time he indicated a similar timeline as the Premier. More specifically, he said that the contracts for the supply of manholes and wet wells will be awarded in April.

Rymer had also indicated that the sewerage issues of the East End/Long Look community should be addressed by the end of this year.