As part of World Telecommunication and Information Society Day events, Highschool students from across the territory were engaged by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission in a recent Anti-Cyber bullying event entitled “Don’t Be Mean Behind the Screen”.

The event featured various presentations from specialists and influential members of society, to inform and caution students about cyberbullying and cybercrime.

Premier Dr the Honourable Natalio Wheatley was one speaker who graced the mic that day and urged students to be cautious of their behaviour and the impact it could have on others. 

Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Kye Rymer also made a brief presentation in which he urged victims and witnesses of cyberbullying to speak up to the relevant authorities.

Director of Public Prosecutions Tiffany Scatliffe explained to students the array of criminal offenses that can be committed during cyber bullying or other activity online.

She also made them aware of the existing legislation in the Virgin Islands to prosecute such activity.