33-year-old Selroy Hanley has been charged with the murder of Trevon Elliot a native of St. Kitts and Nevis who was stabbed in 2022 and succumbed in March 2023.

The new charge was presented during Hanley’s virtual appearance in the Magistrates Court before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards on Tuesday, May 30. He was not required to enter a plea due to the category of the charge which is an indictable offence. 

Details of what allegedly occurred during the day of the incident was read during the proceedings by the Crown Counsel.

The counsel revealed that on Tuesday August 30, 2022 at around 6:30 a.m., 37-year-old Elliot travelled to the Purcell basketball court to have a drink and a smoke with a friend, who minutes later left to head to Road Town in their vehicle. 

Following his friend’s departure, Elliot was left alone on the basketball court where Hanley was in close proximity fixing his motor scooter. The Magistrates Court heard that Elliot walked to the entrance of the basketball court to retrieve a mango he had forgotten, after which Hanley ceased from attending to his motor scooter to approach Elliot.

Upon approaching Elliot it is alleged that Hanley uttered the words “Purcell man is punk” and began swinging an ice pick in the direction of Elliot. Elliot was reportedly stabbed several times across the upper body which left him unable to respond to the police after their arrival at the scene. The Kittitian was then transported to the Dr. D Orlando Smith Hospital to receive treatment.

According to the counsel, detectives visited the hospital later that morning and retrieved a witness statement from Elliot which led to the apprehension of Hanley as the culprit responsible for the injuries. A police medical examination revealed that Elliot received stab wounds to the right of his chest, to his neck with a cervical spine fracture, to his left flank and a liver laceration.

Hanley was subsequently arrested and charged for Wounding With Intent and Being Armed With An Offensive Weapon, charges which he denied during questioning by the police at the Road Town Police Station. In fact, the court heard that Hanley admitted to knowing Elliot and confirmed that the two were not on speaking terms, but he said he had not seen nor interacted with Elliot on the day of the incident. 

Hanley was initially offered bail on September 29 in the sum of $70,000 but remained in custody at His Majesty’s Prison in Balsam Ghut after being unable to post bail.

On March 24, 2023, Elliot died due to what was described as delayed complications of multiple stab wounds which were allegedly inflicted by Hanley in August 2022. Hanley’s charge was subsequently upgraded to murder and his previous bail offer was rescinded.

He is set to reappear before the court for paper committal on Tuesday, June 27.