Deputy Premier and Minister for Financial Services, Labour and Trade, Hon. Lorna Smith and other BVI officials met with Guyana’s Prime Minister and Acting President, Brigadier the Hon. Mark Phillips on Monday.

This was confirmed by Guyana’s Department of Public Information (DPI) which said the meeting occurred at the Office of the Prime Minister on Camp Street.

Accompanying Hon. Smith was Junior Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Dr the Hon. Karl Dawson, and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health and Social Development, Petrona Davies.

According to the DPI, the BVI officials briefed Prime Minister Phillips on the various financial services provided by the territory, the advantages of utilising BVI corporate structures, and the BVI’s proficiency in facilitating international cross-border business.

“Several other topics of mutual interest were explored, such as the BVI and Guyana’s shared commitment to regional cooperation, economic development, and agricultural ties between the two countries,” the DPI stated.

Guyana’s Prime Minister Phillips is currently performing the role of Acting President as the President of Guyana Hon. Mohamed Irfaan Ali is away on official business in China.

Hon. Smith, Dawson and Davies are part of a 17-member BVI delegation that is on a trade mission in Guyana which is aimed at strengthening cooperation and enhancing bilateral trade between the two nations.

Prior to the departure of the delegation, the Ministry for Financial Services, Labour and Trade described the mission as ground-breaking, and one that will include meetings with the Guyanese government and prominent entrepreneurs within Guyana’s business sector.