The British Virgin Islands Health Services Authority (BVIHSA) has proudly joined in the support of the Virgin Islands Alzheimer’s Association (VIAA) in a collaborative effort to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. In a media release BVIHSA said, “Under the guidance of our Acting CEO and Medical Advisor to VIAA, Dr. June Samuel, and the dedication of our Director of Primary Care Services, Dr. Natasha Frett, we embark on a mission to promote preventive healthcare and support VIAA’s crucial initiatives.”

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month observed annually in September is a time for reflection, education, and advocacy. With some 55 million people globally living with Alzheimer’s, the BVIHSA is committed to playing its part in increasing awareness about this challenging condition and fostering a sense of community spirit.

Dr. Samuel, Acting CEO of BVIHSA and Medical Advisor for VIAA, stated: “The theme for Alzheimer’s month 2023 (Never too early, never too late.) brings focus to the proactive risk reduction measures to decrease the overall impact of this condition.  Together with VIAA and the Ministry of Health, we bring support by offering valuable information on prevention, risk reduction and extend our support to those affected by this condition.”

Dr. Frett, Director of Primary Health Care at BVIHSA, commented: “As healthcare providers, we understand the importance of early detection and preventive measures in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Through workshops, awareness campaigns, and community engagement, we are dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain cognitive health.”

Throughout Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, in addition to supporting initiatives planned by VIAA; the BVIHSA’s Occupational Health Unit has introduced the “Mind Your Brain” 4000-piece puzzle activity in the lobby of the Dr. D. Orlando Smith Hospital, where staff and visitors are invited to participate. Using the slogan “Feeling Puzzled? Let’s Solve it Together.”, Occupational Health sees this as an opportunity to engage staff and community in a collective brain stimulating activity.  This is a prevention activity which will improve overall brain health.

The BVIHSA encourages the community, local businesses, and individuals to come together in support of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. By standing together, we can drive change, promote early detection, and provide invaluable support to those impacted by Alzheimer’s.