The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) will be taking additional measures to enhance the security of the territory following recent alarming incidents involving crime.

The strategy was discussed at a National Security Council (NSC) meeting held on Monday.

Among the initiatives resulting from the meeting include a proposal to increase the RVIPF by 30 police officers over the next three to four months, to strengthen law enforcement capabilities and improve the overall security landscape in the BVI.

The NSC also endorsed the introduction of daily foot patrols by police officers in the Road Town area to increase visibility and proactive engagement within the heavily frequented business community.

The NSC also acknowledged the importance of securing the territory’s ports and noted the upcoming training sessions for police officers in this crucial area. Additionally, the NSC emphasized the significance of cross-community and cross-government collaboration as the key to addressing the underlying factors that contribute to criminal activities.

This development follows the brazen daylight armed robbery at a local store in Road Town last Friday and a recent shooting in Cane Garden Bay that have left residents concerned about the state of crime in the BVI.