Premier Dr. Hon. Natalio D. Wheatley has signed the British Virgin Islands’ (BVI) second United Nations (UN) Country Implementation Plan (CIP) that expands programming and technical assistance to the Territory from UN agencies serving the Caribbean region.

Among other things, the CIP will help to accelerate achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implementation of the BVI National Sustainable Development Plan. The priority areas identified include: i. building a conducive business environment and investment climate; ii. accelerate the economic transition; iii. support the use of date for policy development and leave no one behind; iv. universal, quality and shock responsive social protection and services; v. expand and strengthen adaptive capacity; vi. strengthen the policy framework for governance, security and social cohesion; and vii. incorporate the SDGs into national planning to drive implementation.

The updated CIP was developed based on the BVI-UN Sustainable Development Forum held on Tortola in June 2023 where the UN system consulted the Government of the British Virgin Islands on the support needed to help advance the sustainable development of the islands.

Speaking on the importance of signing the BVI’s second UN CIP, Premier Wheatley said,

“The new CIP deepens our cooperation with the UN system on programming and technical assistance for the sustainable development of the BVI. The wider range of technical assistance and support available will assist the government with policy development and implementation in the identified priority areas. My Administration will remain engaged with the UN as a primary development partner.”

The outgoing Resident Coordinator for Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean Mr. Didier Trebucq signed the CIP on behalf of the UN system.

Premier Wheatley was joined by Minister for Health and Social Development Hon. Vincent Wheatley, Special Envoy Mr. Benito Wheatley, IAS Deputy Director Ms. Dwynel Davis and Environment Officer Ms. Angela Burnett-Penn.